of the Baltimore County Circuit Court

Experience. Integrity. Service

“My name is Rob Daniels and I am running for Judge of the Baltimore County Circuit Court in this election.  I am a qualified, fair, and unbiased candidate with a strong work ethic and true passion for the responsibilities of serving as your judge.

On May 14th, you will have an opportunity to make a positive impact on the judicial system in our community. A vote in support of Robert Daniels as Judge of the Circuit Court for Baltimore County will be a vote for Experience, Integrity, Service.

In Baltimore County, we take great pride in our safe communities and we know that these don’t happen by accident – they are the result of all of the stakeholders coming together in mutual respect to face our challenges head on and to make sure that lawbreakers know that they will be punished.  Sadly, we have seen what can happen when the relationship between our judges and our law enforcement agencies breaks down leaving our communities vulnerable.  

I am not a politician and my face is new to politics, but not to our shared Baltimore County values of service, fairness and integrity. I have the real-world perspective and experience to tackle the challenging issues we face head-on for a brighter future, not only as judge in the courtroom, but as an active leader in our community.

As you view my website and learn more about me, you’ll find out about my unique qualifications and why I am humbly asking for your vote.  I look forward to working with you to preserve our safe Baltimore County communities that we all hold so dear.

I am humbled by this process, grateful for the opportunity, and thankful for your kind consideration.”



Rob Daniels has earned his reputation and can be counted on to serve with honesty and integrity and more importantly with impartiality. His years of experience in the justice system have prepared him to serve our Baltimore County community as Judge.
  • More than six years as a prosecutor serving Carroll and Anne Arundel Counties and Baltimore City
  • Successfully handled thousands of cases and over 200 trials including felony jury trials
  • Experienced in divorce, child custody, foreclosure, torts, criminal law, contract law and real estate litigation
  • Dedicated to applying the law consistently to safeguard our community from repeat offenders while allowing others the opportunity to partake in rehabilitative efforts, such as substance abuse treatment and problem-solving courts
  • Committed to working professionally, effectively and respectfully with our Baltimore County and State law enforcement agencies for the effective enforcement of the law
  • Respected by the Judicial community and recognized as being a thoroughly prepared litigant in the courtroom by judges across the State.


 Why does Rob Daniels want to be a Judge?

Rob Daniels wants to serve as a judge because he wants to help, and this is where he knows that he can do the greatest amount of good for the most people.  For Rob, this is more about “doing” than it is “being.”  He served the public for over six years as an Assistant State’s Attorney before continuing to serve the past six years as an Assistant Attorney General. He has dedicated his life to serving others, working with a number of community organizations as a member of various boards and committees where he has made many meaningful friendships, and his contributions are deeply valued and appreciated.


On May 14, 2024, vote for Robert Daniels
for Judge of the Circuit Court for Baltimore County.